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Here is an EXE to get the Dropbox status of a file or folder in Windows. It requires all the files in the distribution file.

At the writing of this wiki, the EXE was working in WinXP as well as Win7.

Author: Arthur K.

Usage Example

C:\> dbfilestatus Z:\Dropbox
up to date

EM T. has also written a Batch file that puts the machine in standby when it is “up to date”. It is available at the link below. Well done EM T.

Source Code

The source code was written by Steve H. It is available at the link below. Well done Steve!

Python Script To Get File Or Folder Status In Windows

Distribution Files

Here is the link to the distribution.

Unrar files into a folder and then run dbFileStatus.exe from a dos command shell.

You will also need the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. This is available from the Microsoft Download Center.

Just search for Microsoft Visual C++ and select the most current package and correct load for your processor.

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  • David C. Sastry

    Hi – I am having a problem with this program on Win 7 with dropbox build 2.0.22. I get the following error message:

    C:dbFileStatus>dbFileStatus.exe C:Dropbox
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 25, in
    File “”, line 4, in dropbox_path_status
    File “”, line 14, in dropbox_path_status_code
    pywintypes.error: (233, ‘CallNamedPipe’, ‘No process is on the other end of the pipe.’)

    • Jo Blond

      Hello David, I know it’s a super old thread but did you manage to find a solution in end? Many thanks. Victor

  • Alex

    Hi there,

    i am having the same trouble issues like David.
    The same error message on Win8 64bit.

    Calling the dbFileStatus without the path of the dropbox folder, it asks for the Dropbox path but works fine without exceptions.

    Any sugestions?

  • mj

    did anybody find a solution for this?

  • Mario

    Get the same error. Is there any solution?