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These steps will help you exclude a folder from syncing:

  1. Lets say you have a folder that you want to exclude called NON_CLOUD.
  2. We first create an empty folder that is renamed to NON_CLOUD and place it into Dropbox.
  3. Then, we use selective sync to unsync that folder:
  4. Next, move your actual NON_CLOUD folder into the previous location of the empty NON_CLOUD folder.
  5. That folder will have a grey circle with a “minus” sign and will not be synced to Dropbox.

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  • It would be so great if I could just put a .dropbox_ignore file in a folder and have Dropbox ignore that folder. When I create temporary files they all get indexed, and deindexed again right away which makes Dropbox go crazy.

  • Do you now whether it is possible to exclude all the files with a certain extension, using wildcards? Something like *.temp

  • Zarkers

    Thanks for the guide. It’s so silly that this is the only way. There should be an option to selectively sync that is non destructive. It is dangerous to just go and delete peoples data and could land you in hot water.

  • Y2skippy

    I’ve been playing with Google Drive and new folders are not synced by default if you are using selective sync. You need to manually select them to add them. It would be great if Dropbox worked this way. Instead I have to go to each machine and uncheck new folders if I don’t want them to sync.

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  • Mohit Aneja

    As suggested by Nick “It would be so great if I could just put a .dropbox_ignore file in a folder and have Dropbox ignore that folder.” it will be very helpful for us developers where we don’t want npm and bower folders synced. Please include this feature, thanks.

  • Nada Decat

    wtf – are you kidding me