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To force a download of your file or folder, append ?dl=1 to the end of your Dropbox Link. Note that a folder will be downloaded as a zip file.

For example:

To view the file (you cannot do so with folders) with the web browser directly without the Dropbox interface in your link, you can replace the www. portion of the url with dl.

For example:

will become

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  • Ab

    When i say type only “dl.” at the beginning it says NOT FOUND. How do you solve this?

  • sammy li

    if i click view original …comes up with the url does this link ever change?

  • Rombout

    there was a trick to add raw=1 at the end, today i see this is generating DNS error. Thats really sad, was quite handy to link image though dropbox

  • Bill Lee

    When you write appending dl=1 will “force” a download, what do you mean by “force”?
    What does appending dl=0 do??
    Thank you very much!